Collection Gabriela, presented as part of the United Fashion project at Premium Berlin during Berlin Fashion Week & Ljubljana Fashion Week – LJFW, is inspired by Nika’s mother and her impeccable style when she was younger. Some of Nika’s favourite garments in the closet are her mum’s, more than 20 years old, perfectly preserved. Gabriela, Nika’s mother, is in Nika’s eyes a parable for perfection, which is reflected through the collection in a minimalistic form, with thoughtful details and textures.
In this edition, she collaborated with jewellery designer Neza Zehelj and shoe brand United Nude.

The collection is entirely made of quality natural materials: organic cotton, bamboo, silk noil; coconut and vegetable ivory buttons and cotton ropes.

The clothing, buttons and ropes are made in Slovenia.

Ljubljana Fashion Week – LJFW video