do i dare disturb your dreams?

The inspiration for the collection ‘Do I dare disturb your dreams?’ is a person in Nika’s life, who dared to disturb her dreams and should remain secret. The collection’s common thread are sharp lines, different shirt’s elements which with fastening, unbuttoning represent multifunctionality of individual pieces as well as the new forms and possibilities of wear. Even though, the collection looks simple, it combines lots of details with thoughtful structured quality fabrics.

LJFW lookbook

Made in Slovenia (EU)


  • design:

    Nika Ravnik

  • photo:

    Matevž Kosterov

  • model:

    Maja Matović

  • shoes:

    United Nude

  • location:

    Kreativna cona Šiška – KCŠ Ljubljana

do i dare disturb your dreams?