Shirting 06 is the sixth edition of shirting…project.
It was a part of the programme of 31st biennial of graphic arts in slovenia. It was launched on october 15th, 2015 as an independent exhibition at international centre of graphic arts (mglc) ljubljana, slovenia.
like shirting 03, this edition was also designed by prominent slovenian fashion designers that participated as designers and the first wearers as well. these six wonderful fashion designers chose inspiration among graphic arts by slovene artists that presented their work on past biennials of graphic arts. the result are six unique shirts that nicely combine art and clothing through various textile techniques like embroidery, silkscreen and digital print, or modelation derived directly or indirectly from the source material itself.
shirt on!

niOka’s shirt was inspired by the work of Meta Grgurevič titled Timekeepers

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  • photo:

    Mimi Antolovic